Wednesday, April 10, 2013


If you're taking your time to read this blog, I want you to know that any comments you want to make are welcome. In fact, any comments you make will be greatly appreciated for the ideas they may generate or the conversations they may kick off.

Three weeks from today will be the first time in nearly 43 years that I won't be waking up, putting on a pair of khakis, a fresh starched shirt, a tie and heading off for the newsroom where I could always count on stimulating, spirited conversations on a variety of topics with a variety of people.

In three weeks, instead of being the editor of a newspaper, I will become a retired man of leisure. When I wake up in the morning, I will probably put on a pair of jeans or shorts and a polo shirt, come into my home office and plop down in front of my computer and write a couple of blog posts. The only opportunities for intelligent conversation will be with myself or my cocker spaniel, Dylan. I have vowed that I will not spend the day making incessant calls to my wife who already has more to do at work than she can say grace over and hasn't time to babysit me on the telephone.

Your comments -- particularly those regarding the state of the newspaper industry -- will keep the blood flowing to my brain and my thoughts stimulated.

OK, yeah, I do plan to play some golf, but, at my age, you can only do that just so often without ending up in the ER.

So, if you are so inclined, please leave comments. I will answer back and maybe even get into a friendly discussion with you over where the newspaper industry has been and where it is going or needs to go.